ESP8266 NodeMCU

What is NodeMCU?

NodeMCU is an eLua based firmware for the ESP8266 WiFi SOC from Espressif. The NodeMCU firmware is a companion project to the popular NodeMCU dev kits, ready-made open source development boards with ESP8266-12E chips.


IDE Tools for NodeMCU Platforms

  • Three more different kind are tools are available for EPS8266 NodeMCU Platforms, like ESPlorer, Lua loader, ESP8266 Web File  Manager.

ESPlorer IDE

How Upload file to ESP8266 using ESPlorer

  • Click “Upload” button in “Script” tab of “NodeMCU & MicroPython” tab section
  • Select file need to upload , Eg : ArunEworld.lua
  • Double click the file or click “open button” in popup window
  • You can see this message in terminal windows, if file upload success Uploading to ESP file init.lua...Success

Note : Make sure you uploaded file is in the list(click “Reload” button in file manager panel at right side)and list out ESP8266 files)


How “Run” or dofile(File_Name)  in ESP8266 using ESplore IDE?

  • Select the file you want  to run or  dofile
  • Right click the mouse and click run file_"file_name"  or click on the file



file  not upload?

  • if file contains nothing or data not there inside, its should not upload, and show status “BUSY

Not Enough memory?

  • ESP8266 will get error when you continuously printing something or continuously running a some function

Lua Loader by benlo


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