Eectronics – Inductor

Inductor (Joseph Henry (1797 – 1878)

Born in upstate New York he worked on electromagnetism and inductance in Albany and Princeton. Was appointed the first Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington in 1864

  • An inductor is a coil of wound on a core.
  • An inductor opposes the sudden variation of current.
  • an inductor stores the energy in the form of current in magnetic field.
  • the coil blocks DC voltage.
  • an inductor allows the Direct current
  • L=µ o µr A N2/l Henry
  • l=length of the core,
  • µ o=permeability of free space,
  • µr=relative permeability of the core material,
  • A=area of cross-section of the coil, N=length of the core,

Types of Inductors:

  • Fixed Inductors
    • Air Core Inductors
    • Iron Core Inductors
    • Ferrite Core Inductors
  • Variable Inductors
    • Movable Core Inductors
    • Tapped Inductors

Uses of Inductos

  • Iron core inductor
    • used in low frequency applications such as filter circuits in power supplies, chokes in fluorescent tubes or as a reactive element in ac circuits.
  • Ferrite Core Inductor
    • used in RF chokes for supply decoupling purpose
    • switching regulated type dc power supplies
    • various type of filters used in communication equipment’s
  • Ferrite core variable inductor
    • used in tuned circuits, it required to vary the inductance from a minimum value to a maximum value.

Application of Inductors

  • chokes for supply decoupling purposes.
  • switching regulated type dc power supplies.
  • various type of filters used in communication equipment

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