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What is the main difference b/w nodemcu and ESP-WROOM-02? Nodemcu NodeMCU is a lua based open source platform for ESP8266. nodemcu dev kits it’s a development kit of NodeMCU ESP8266 Wroom-02 ESPressif is the maker and manufacturer of ESP8266 chips. Read more…

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Requirements A Windows, Mac or Linux computer An Arduino Uno Electronics parts like resistors, LEDs, sensors, as listed in Section 1 of the course Essential tools: a mini breadboard, jumper wires, a multimeter, a soldering iron and solder, wire cutter Read more…

Contents1 Create an account2 Download Bin FIle3 Flash the Bondar Firmware4 ESP8266 Configuration5 Account Details Create an account Create an account in here Activate your iotcentral account   Download Bin FIle Download the bondar.bin or in github here bondar.bin Read more…

Contents1 Features2 Pin Details3 (IODIRA/B)4 Data Sheet :5 Examples6 reference Link Features 16-bit input/output port expander with interrupt output 16 bit serial interface Cascadable for up to 8 devices on one bus 25mA sink/source capability per I/O Supports 100kHz, 400kHz Read more…

Contents1 Getting Started With AT24C128 I²C EEPROM1.1 Feature1.2 At First Lean this1.3 Datasheet Getting Started With AT24C128 I²C EEPROM Feature Voltage Low Voltage (1.8v to 3.6v) Standard Voltage (2.7V to 5.5V) Memory 128K (16,384 x 8) 256K (32,768 x 8) Read more…

      Resistor is a passive two terminal electronic components. It function is to limit or reduce(resist) the flow of current or divide the voltage in a circuit. The unit of the resister is ohm(Ω). The resistance r of Read more…

TCP Server Listener The below Arduino code will also create a server and Access Point in ESP8266 which will continuously listen for a connection. Code

After uploading this sketch, you can find a new Access Point named “test” from Read more…

  Application Whats-app In every mobile have a in-build RTC. Whatsapp is take current time from mobile system processor using RTC function and send to whatsapp server. Once Receptive is online he will receive the  message with timestamp (See the Read more…

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Fal Khurais
Fal Khurais
11:41 19 Aug 17
Inspiration to youngsters.. Learned lot Embedded from you in a simpler way.. after your training I had choose My path in Embedded systems.. Amazed that embedded does these much contribution to modern world..
Pradeep Pradeepth
Pradeep Pradeepth
17:12 19 Aug 17
The knowledge that I got from arun is like a beam of light.I was wandering in the dark but when the ray of light strikes the ground it showed the path where to go....The discussion with him will provide the positive energy in you and you can feel nothing is Impossible to do.....Thanks a lot buddy......
muthu prakash
muthu prakash
14:48 05 Nov 17
Sir you explained me in such a way that nobody can teach.class is awesome sir
Karuppu Durai
Karuppu Durai
18:26 10 Nov 17
Good Technical Blog and Leaned Lot of tech tutorial and projects over there. Thanks Mr- Arun
Immanuvel .E
Immanuvel .E
17:20 31 Jul 17
Best electronics educational web Site, Very useful for beginners and learners. :)
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