Arduino Interface – LCD Nokia 5110

  Circuit   Code : Hello World Link : Library :


Arduino Interface – ADXL345 Accelerometer

  Connection Arduino (5v) – ADXL345 (VCC) Arduino (Gnd) – ADXL345 (Gnd) Arduino (A4-SDA) – ADXL345 (SDA) Arduino (A5-SCL) – ADXL345 (SCL)     Code Required Adafruit_ADXL345 library



Arduino Interface – DS18B20 Temperature Sensor

  Circuit   Code


Arduino Interface – PIR Sensor

  Circuit   Code

    Result :


ESP8266 NodeMCU Interface – Servo Motor

  Servo Motor Control By UDP Code :

  Servo Motor Control By PWM


Arduino Interface – Servo Motor

    Code (Knobe)


ESP8266 NodeMCU Projects – Home Automation

Contents1 Home Automation device feature1.1 Turn ON/OFF Light using TCP WerServer1.1.1 Code 11.2 Turn ON/OFF Light using MQTT1.2.1 Code1.3 Turn ON/OFF Light using MQTT1.3.1 Code Home Automation device feature sta mode : change username and password save old device state (on/off) status monitor (device on time, off time log) device…

Embedded Protocol – One Wire

  Feature single master system, low cost, low transfer rates (up to 16 kbps), fairly long distances (up to 300 meters), small data transfer packages.   Watch Slide Tutorial   Reference

ESP8266 NodeMCU Module – End User SetUp

      End User setup HTML Code, CSS code

  Example code First set WiFi as Station and AP Mode using wifi.setmode(wifi.STATIONAP) Configure your AP mode SSSID Start your EndUser Module


ESP8266 Arduino-Core Interface – WiFi

Contents0.1 Arduino Core Library : ESP8266WiFi.h1 Scan the WiFi Networks1.1 Arduino Code1.2 Output2 Set ESP8266 as a Access Point2.1 Arduino Code2.2 Result3 Connect Access Point to ESP82663.1 Arduino Code3.2 Result4 Set Static IP to ESP82664.1 Arduino Code4.2 Output5 ESP8266 as Simple Web server5.1 Arduino Code5.2 Result: Arduino Core Library :…